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                    , founded by Mohamad Hoteit, is focused on driving positive social & economic change globally by raising the collective consciousness of the world one person at a time through our leadership development programs. To create a wave of extraordinary conscious leaders, helping leaders & aspiring decode and master their inner world so they can design and develop their external reality; all while creating more impact, freedom, joy, and abundance.

We all have our own mountains to climb in our lives. Most times, we climb these mountains with a lot of baggage that weighs us down and forces us to settle for less than what we deserve in life – that's if we're even climbing the right mountain that aligns with who we are, what we truly want, our purpose, our values, and our unique gifts. 

At Peakology, we believe that now, more than ever, the world needs more conscious leaders who lead by example to inspire positive action in their own lives first, and the lives of those around them. To create that type of impact, we must be able to perform at our best and to squeeze all the juice we can out of life without sacrificing our health & wellness.

We emphasize a holistic approach in our services that prioritizes the health & wellness of our clients as they climb higher and higher to conquer the mountains in their life and business.

This approach fuels our clients with energy and excitement rather than make them feel burned out, overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted while they pursue living life on their term. 

We believe that everyone has the capacity, with the right coach and mentor by their side, to create an extraordinary life filled with happiness, meaning, energy, and abundance.


                            is to create a paradigm shift in the rise of conscious leaders who lead their lives based on a positive purpose that disrputs society's limiting rules by becoming a driving force for good in their communities and the world. 

We are very excited about this journey, and we hope you are too.

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Every day of your life could be filled with more energy, passion, abundance and meaning- and deep down, you know it too. You might've achieved great things already in your life or on the way to achieving them. But sometimes, you get in your own way and sabotage your progress towards creating a successful life on your terms.

You know that you are ready to reach that next level but you're just not sure HOW to breakthrough and  play at that higher level more consistently. You end up getting distracted, frustrated, and stuck. 

what does everyone want?


You want more clarity, more energy, more love, more happiness, more passion in your relationships, more confidence, more growth, more success, more productivity, and more meaning. Oh, and more MONEY wouldn't hurt either because money will only amplify the good person you are and help you contribute and impact even more. 


We created a coaching curriculum that will help you elevate your game and performance to the next level in a holistic way. curriculum that will Challenge you week-in and week-out to grow, that will help you gain Clarity on your purpose, that will hold you extremely Accountable to do the things you say you will do, and that will provide you with a Trusted Advisor in your corner that has your best interest at heart and help you achieve your big goals.

our coaching IS


Our Coaching is different because, not only do we honor our client's agenda, but we have a curriculum and outline planned for each session to ensure that the client is continuously on an upward trajectory of growth and high performance! 

Our clients will master their psychology, physiology, productivity, communication, and leadership. The best days of your life suddenly start becoming the norm filled with passion, fulfillment, abundance and meaning. Through our curriculum, our clients can expect the BENEFITS highlighted below!

key benefits of peakology

coaching methodology


GAIN CLARITY in your purpose

Find out who you are, what you want, why you want it, and the strategies that will get you there. Get super clear on your life vision, your goals and objectives that will radically change the direction of your life. 


Master your psychology and break negative thought/behavior patterns. Overcome limiting beliefs and fears that are blocking you from breaking through and building sustainable momentum for ultimate success.

master your emotions 

 You'll learn to conquer negative emotional states that drive bad decision making and self-sabotage.  You will replace them with new positive emotional habits. Tap into forgiveness, courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of challenges.


Learn how to generate more energy, and hack your system by identifying your battery drainers and your battery chargers. Here, your health & wellness will be addressed and you will be given powerful tools & new habits to create energy whenever you need it. 

Improve your relationships 

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your relationships. 

Here you'll learn the fundamental aspects that are critical to turn your intimate relationships into a thriving, unstoppable engine for love, growth, support and meaning. 

abundance strategy

Abundance starts with your mindset. You must make the psychological shift that allows you to be wealthy and see that you are deserving of wealth. Here, you'll understand what stops you from being wealthy and what exactly it'll take you to achieve the different levels of financial freedom and finally come out with a plan to start building that wealth.

More Focus and productivity

Accomplish your goals faster and with way less stress. You will apply new systems & processes in your life that take your game to the next level. You will get more done in less time which will give you more freedom to do other things that you enjoy and love. That extra time created could be worth everything to you. 


You will learn and practice the core foundations of leadership. You will put to practice what a leader should and should not do. Here, you start becoming a leader in your way of thinking and how you carry yourself in order to inspire & influence others. Gain new tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations, and skills to inspire and empower others.

EVOLVE YOUR consciousness 

Here, you will understand how to up-level your consciousness and become more self-aware of how you are creating your reality. It takes practice and dedication but the rewards are limitless. You will get introduced to spirituality and meditative practices and systems that will literally disrupt your current reality and help you make quantum leaps in your success in life. 

10x value and accountability

We will deliver up to 10X  worth of value of your investment. It's all about providing the highest quality service and value to our clients. We do that by over delivering and strict accountability through constant follow ups and strategic challenges that will help you get out of your comfort zone. You will also be introduced to the power of journaling so you can track your progress and keep yourself accountable as well.

client profiles

Our clients come from all walks of life to get support related to life, leadership, performance, and business. 

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • New & Aspiring Leaders​​

  • Ambitious Professionals





“Mr. Hoteit is passionate about what he does. His dedication and desire to enhance the lives of his clients really stand out. He takes his time to listen and pin point certain aspects of your life to bring awareness to the things blocking you from performing at a higher level. He also helps you fill your life with positive energy and a great mindset. ” 

—  Hameed D., Founder & Attorney


How we Can



energy leadership index (Eli) assessment

The Energy leadership Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that describes how you approach all situations in your life under optimal and stressful conditions. It reveals the specific filters you've developed through which you see the world and how they are influencing your life.
It also uncovers the thinking and perceptions that might be creating stress or holding you back from achieving your goals and potential. 
By working with a coach, who is a Certified ELI Master Practitioner,  you can discover how to live and lead powerfully, authentically, and without all the stress.


CUSTOMIZED coaching package

*30-minute Welcome Session

*One, Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

*One, 90-minute assessment results debrief session

*Ten, 90-minute coaching sessions

*Text Support

Approximately 4 months of working together


Rates Vary for Companies

CUSTOMIZED intensive workshops

Workshop Trainings available for

Seeking Clarity & Vision,  Holistic Life Design, Effective Organized Planning, Leadership Levels, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Energy, Communication,  Developing High Energy Relationships, Problem Solving,  Conflict Management, Productivity, Influencing Others, Health & Wellness, Time Management & Balance.

Great for busy professionals that prefer a 1-day deep dive into a specific subject and great for corporate team trainings.

Ask for Pricing

Rates Vary

peakology adventure retreats

For those that are looking for a powerful, immersive, transformative, challenging and fun adventure in beautiful destinations around the world.

These retreats will have a coaching curriculum integrated within them to engage you in a life-change transformation, all while connecting these adventures to good causes around the world.