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Mohamad Hoteit 
Certified Professional Peak Performance & Conscious Energy Leadership Coach 

Mohamad was born in Beirut city the same year that saw the end of the 15-year Lebanese civil war. Coming of age in a country that was failing at reconciling with its history, Mohamad made the biggest executive decision of his life to take charge of his own environment, at age 17. He emigrated to the United States on his own – a decision driven by his intuitive need to reach his full potential. With immigration came the unknown tasks of reinventing one's life through improvisation, risk-taking, and solving unfamiliar problems. Yet, Mohamad found himself excelling at the problem-solving task with a growing intuition that guided his new life. 

Driven by an immense curiosity for complex problem-solving, Mohamad started off his career path as an engineer. He was intrigued by the creative process of designing and developing products that could solve a particular problem and fulfill the market need. In a few years and at a very young age, Mohamad transitioned into leadership & management position in product and business development where he led engineering teams and creative business innovations effectively with his astute problem-solving skills. 


Shortly thereafter, Mohamad took a leap of faith and launched his first internet marketing business that picked up fairly quickly. However, the excitement of starting a new business soon faded, as he realized that this path was not fulfilling his soul, was not aligned with his purpose, nature, values, and beliefs. With these deep realizations, it was clear that he needed to make a shift in his life direction.


While climbing mt. Kilimanjaro (tallest mountain in Africa) as part of a mission to raise money to build educational hubs for the youth in Kenya, Mohamad experienced a sense of satisfaction & transcendence like never before. As he reached the mountain peak, a major spiritual shift occurred. He realized this satisfaction was driven by his found purpose to serve humanity's greater good, by doing good for the self and for others.  

He realized that his soul was never going to be fulfilled in marketing. His soul was calling for something bigger, something that brought him back to his intuitive love for problem-solving. But this time instead of fulfilling the market need, his soul was directing him to fulfill the human need by helping others evolve in their own journey. On that mountain, Mohamad auto corrected his direction in life. 


When he came back from that mission, he dissolved his marketing company and embarked on a new journey aligned with his purpose and his calling in life. First, he began with the self, by experimenting on himself, learning how to tap into his peak potential and entering altered states of mind. He was able to completely shift his life. Just like how he conquered his own mountains in his life and business, he was able to completely shift his own life and reach a place where he can help others achieve the same. 


Mohamad finally connected the dots between his engineering background, his love for unleashing the human potential, and his love for nature and freedom.


With a strong calling as a public servant in leadership and personal development, Mohamad made it his mission to create more conscious and effective leaders who want to make a positive impact in this world. 



Mohamad believes that everyone has the ability to become a leader, to perform at flow peak states, to create the life of their dreams, and tap into their limitless potential all while having more fun, energy, abundance, happiness, and freedom.  


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Biology- University of Michigan

  • Master of Business Administration Candidate- University of Michigan

  • Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute.

  • Completed Coach Training programs by Elite Mentors & Institutions with heavy science and research to back up the impact our coaching will have on you. 

  • Certified Professional Coach by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF); that's the Gold Standard for Coaching.

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. 

  • COR.E Dynamics Specialist in Executive Leadership, Performance, Transitions, and Well being.


  • Mohamad is currently supporting non-profit initiatives with the Slumcode Group in Nairobi, Kenya to build environmentally-friendly educational hubs for the youth so they can have better access to education and technology in a safe, green and empowering environment  that allows them to develop their talents and gifts; to support them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.