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dEC 7-16th, 2021
Training begins august 2nd


welcome to

adventure with purpose

What does this Adventure mean to you?

Here at Peakology, we value  Honesty, Integrity, Creativity, Authenticity, Deep Connection, Constant Improvement, Service and Freedom.

We have taken our values and combined them with our passion for making a positive impact on the world and outdoor adventure to bring you a One of a Kind, Life-Changing Experience that will surely get you connected to your highest self.

This is an Adventure with Purpose designed to challenge you in every way possible and push you towards your greatness, while helping drive positive change in underserved communities on a global level thereby leaving your mark on the world. This is not your typical adventure, this is your LEGACY in the making.

The Core Mission behind this Adventure is to help us fund the continued development of safe and sustainable educational spaces to champion the development of the next generation of leaders in Nairobi's (Kenya) underserved and underrepresented communities. We've had the privilege to witness the talents of these kids and we believe in their abilities to develop into impactful leaders that provide innovative solutions that will help us accelerate social and economic change in their communities for generations to come. 

We have Partnered with The Slumcode Group, based in Kenya, which is a youth-serving social Enterprise Organization with programs focusing on Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership to champion the development of youth talent within their communities to drive social and economic change.

This Partnership between Peakology & The Slumcode Group has created a unique offering to the world, an Adventure with Purpose, where you truly get to leave a legacy behind.

This is your own March to Greatness. This is how you will conquer mountains and help others, in need, to climb and conquer the mountains in their lives as well.

This Adventure will take place in December 2021, however, there's a 4 months training program included to get you ready for a successful summit which is why enrollment begins in May. All details are included  on this page below.

Note that 20% of the expense paid by each hiker will be distributed as a donation to the Slumcode Group so they can keep building educational hubs and equipping them with the proper tools and technology.

here's what 

you get...

Hike the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of the 7 Summits in the world, and a bucket list, once in a life-time experience 

Explore 2 African countries and cultures: Kenya & Tanzania

Mastermind with a group of change-makers like yourself

Receive Transformational Coaching throughout the whole process & on the mountain

Create Memories that matter, Stories that will live on in your family's legacy

Make an Impact on children's lives in Kenya. We've partnered with the SlumCode Group, a non-profit, and 20% of your fee will be donated to build schools for youth leadership development.

You also get to visit and spend a day with the children you are directly impacting on this adventure with full transparency of where the donations are going

Customized 4 months mind & body training program, developed by professionals that have already succeeded through this process, to ensure your success in reaching the summit. Training begin in August leading up to December for optimal readiness.

1:1 Bi-Weekly Success Coaching Calls throughout the training period

Group Monthly Mastermind Calls with your Fellow Ambitious Adventurers throughout the training period

Reach your next level of success and breakthrough all limitations that exist in your mind

I will personally be there with you throughout this whole process and we will hike side by side to our greatness




You deeply care about making a positive impact on the world and leaving a legacy behind that you and your loved ones can be proud of.

You love experiencing new cultures and going on mountain adventures.

You want to challenge yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, like never before and achieve a feet that less than 0.00625% out of the global population has achieved.

You want to check a once in a life time bucket list experience off your list.

You desire to ascend into becoming a more conscious leader.

You want to create unforgettable, life-changing memories and make new connections along the journey. To be part of a unique like-minded and purpose driven community.

You are someone that wants to experience a lot more out of life.

You are committed to the training involved to ensure you summit successfully.



You love making excuses, and are not going to be fully committed in every way.

You are someone that complains about doing the work required to ensure growth & success on this adventure.

You're not willing to be on the mountain for 6-7 days in a row.

You don't care about making a positive impact on the world.

You are close-minded and uncomfortable being in an unfamiliar culture and environment.

You love being in the rat race and hoping that one day you'll get to do what you really want

what's included

in your fee...

 Everything mentioned in the "Here's What You Get" Section Plus:


All Kilimanjaro Hiking, Guide Fees , Porters Fees, Cooks Fees (including Tips)


All Meals (we accommodate dietary restrictions)

All Transportation in Kenya & Tanzania


All Hotel & Mountain Accommodations 

Tanzania and Kenya Visa fees


20% Donation to Slum Code Group & Visit to the center(Youth Leadership Dev. Non-Profit) 

Mastermind Leadership Coaching on the mountain 

Full Support & coaching throughout the whole process

Customized Mind & Body Training Program to ensure Summit Success 

High Quality Photos during the trip 

OPTIONAL BONUS: Personal Page for each Hiker to raise donations for the non-profit independently and rally more people around the mission (hiker may choose to opt out of this, however, we do encourage it) 

what's NOT included

in your fee...

Cost of your Actual Gear (However, we will give you recommendations)

Air Travel Roundtrip cost to Nairobi, Kenya (with travel insurance in case)

Traveler Hiking Insurance for Kilimanjaro 

Yellow Fever Vaccination (must bring evidence of vaccinations with you) 

Covid Negative Test (vaccination not required by law at the moment but is encouraged)







And honestly, you can't even begin to measure the long-term value and impact you will receive from such an adventure.


Our goal is to OVER-DELIVER!


EARLY BIRD pricing is $6,000 available until July 31st

LATE BIRD pricing is $7,000 available between August 1st - 31st


to ensure enough time for proper training and readiness  for this adventure

Payment Plans Available.


APPLY to join

the adventure

If  you are interested in being part of this life-changing adventure, please Book a qualifying call and fill out the application included in the booking link.

If you are selected to join, all the necessary onboarding information will be provided to you with all the requirements to ensure you have an amazing experience and a successful summit of the tallest mountain on the African Continent, and one of the 7 tallest continental summits in the world (ranked 4th tallest).

Dates of this adventure are December 7th-16th, 2021.

Payment Plan Options will be shared with you on the qualifying call.


First Come, First Served!