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adventure with purpose: HIKING KILIMANJARO

at last! a ONCE IN A LIFETIME travel experience 
that will change your life forever and help you end 2021 with a bang

GET READY FOR your legacy in the making

dEC 8-17th, 2021
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welcome to

adventure with purpose

Are you someone that values making a positive impact, adventure, challenge and personal growth?


Hi, I'm Moe and 3 years ago, I went on a mission trip where I helped build schools for youth leadership development in Kenya’s underserved communities & I hiked Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (Africa) as a symbol of inspiration to the youth that we all have the potential to conquer the mountains & help others conquer their own mountains in the process. 


This mission  trip literally changed my life and it was in that moment when I reached the top of Africa that it became a dream of mine to someday organize an adventure with purpose. Not only do I want to take people over there to hike Kilimanjaro but I also wanted to combine it with a purposeful mission where we make a positive impact on a lot of people’s lives in the process.


And Now, I’m making that dream a reality for myself and 10 other daring hikers December of this year. I have partnered with a local non-profit in Kenya, The Slumcode Group, and a portion of the proceeds will go to continue building schools to empower the youths in those communities so they become part of the solution to drive social and economic change in Africa.


Our main motivation for this isn’t to profit. I am doing it because of my experience and I know that other people need to experience this and if I can facilitate this and find 10 people who are on board for this type of adventure and value this, then that’s only going to make this experience that I had even better because now I’m giving back and sharing it with others. 


The main inspiration is to help change as many lives as possible and make a positive impact while creating a beautiful legacy and memories for all involved. Just imagine the amazing memories, storiesyou will carry with you for the rest of your life

This is your own March to Greatness. This is how you will conquer mountains and help others, in need, to climb and conquer the mountains in their lives as well.



here's what 

you get...

Hike the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of the 7 Summits in the world, and a bucket list, once in a life-time experience 

Explore African Culture

Customized training program, developed by professionals that have already succeeded through this process, to ensure your success in reaching the summit 

2 x Group Mastermind Calls with your Fellow Adventurers 

4 x 1:1 Success Coaching Calls

Create Memories that matter, Stories that will live on in your family's legacy

Make an Impact on children's lives in Kenya. We've partnered with the SlumCode Group, a non-profit, and 10% of your fee will be donated to build schools for youth leadership development

1- Day Safari to Ngorongoro Crater, one of the 7 natural wonders of Africa where mankind began based on science, with high chances of spotting Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, Elephants, and Rhinos.




You deeply care about making a positive impact on the world and leaving a legacy behind that you and your loved ones can be proud of

You love experiencing new cultures and going on mountain adventures

You want to challenge yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, like never before and achieve a feet that less than 0.00625% out of the global population has achieved

You value experiencing bucket list worthy travel destinations

You desire to ascend into becoming a more conscious leader

You want to create unforgettable, life-changing memories and make new connections along the journey with a  like-minded and purpose driven community



You have a medical condition and are not in decent fitness shape to begin with

You love making excuses and are not going to be fully committed 

You're not willing to be on the mountain for 7 days

You don't care about making a positive impact on the world

You like to stay within your comfort


You like to always wait for "the right time" to do what you really want


December 8th, 2021: Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Private transport to Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel. Briefing in the evening.

December 9th, 2021: Pick up from Hotel at 6 am to start safari tour to Ngorongoro Crater for a whole day Safari then drop off at the end of the day back at Hotel.

December 10th, 2021: Day 1-Pick up from hotel to start the 7 day Kilimanjaro Trek.

Machame Gate to Machame Camp
Elevation: 5,380 ft to 9,350 ft
Distance: 11 km/7 miles
Hiking Time: 5-7 hours
Habitat: Rain Forest

The drive from Moshi to the Machame Gate takes about 50 minutes. The journey passes through the village of Machame which is located on the lower slopes of the mountain. As we leave the park gate, we walk through the dense rain forest on a winding trail up a ridge until we reach the Machame Camp.


December 11th, 2021: Day 2

Machame Camp to Shira 2 Camp
Elevation: 9,350 ft to 12,500 ft
Distance: 5 km/3 miles
Hiking Time: 4-6 hours
Habitat: Heath

We leave the glades of the rain forest and continue on an ascending path up to a steep, rocky ridge. On the Shira Plateau, we pass through heather and open moorlands, then cross a large river gorge to Shira 2 Camp. 

December 12th, 2021: Day 3

Shira 2 Camp to Lava Tower
Elevation: 12,500 ft to 15,190 ft
Distance: 7 km/4 miles
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

Lava Tower to Barranco Camp
Elevation: 15,190 ft to 13,044 ft
Distance: 3 km/2 miles
Hiking Time: 2-3 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

We continue to the east up a ridge and then head southeast towards the Lava Tower – a 300 ft tall volcanic rock formation. We descend down to Barranco Camp through the strange but beautiful Senecio Forest to an altitude of 13,000 ft. Although you begin and end the day at the same elevation, the time spent at higher altitude is very beneficial for acclimatization.

December 13th, 2021: Day 4

Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp
Elevation: 13,044 ft to 13,106 ft
Distance: 5 km/3 miles
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

We begin the day by descending into a ravine to the base of the Great Barranco Wall. Then we climb the non-technical but steep, nearly 900 ft cliff. From the top of the Barranco Wall we cross a series of hills and valleys until we descend sharply into Karanga Valley. One more steep climb up leads us to Karanga Camp. This is a shorter day meant for acclimatization.


December 14th, 2021: Day 5

Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp
Elevation: 13,106 ft to 15,331 ft
Distance: 4 km/2 miles
Hiking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitat: Alpine Desert

We leave Karanga and hit the junction which connects with the Mweka Trail. We continue up to the rocky section to Barafu Hut. At this point, you have completed the Southern Circuit, which offers views of the summit from many different angles. Here we make camp, rest and enjoy an early dinner to prepare for the summit day. The two peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo are viewable from this position.


December 15th, 2021: Day 6

Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak
Elevation: 15,331 ft to 19,341 ft
Distance: 5 km/3 miles
Hiking Time: 7-8 hours
Habitat: Arctic

Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp
Elevation: 19,341 ft to 10,065 ft
Distance: 12 km/7 miles
Hiking Time: 4-6 hours
Habitat: Rain Forest

Very early in the morning (around midnight), we begin our push to the summit. This is the most mentally and physically challenging portion of the trek. The wind and cold at this elevation and time of day can be extreme. We ascend in the darkness for several hours while taking frequent, but short, breaks. Near Stella Point (18,900 ft), you will be rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise you are ever likely to see coming over Mawenzi Peak. Finally, we arrive at Uhuru Peak- the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro and the continent of Africa.

From the summit, we now make our descent continuing straight down to the Mweka Hut camp site, stopping at Barafu for lunch. The trail is very rocky and can be quite hard on the knees; trekking poles are helpful. Mweka Camp is situated in the upper forest and mist or rain can be expected in the late afternoon. Later in the evening, we enjoy our last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep.


December 16th, 2021: Day 7

Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate 
Elevation: 10,065 ft to 5,380 ft
Distance: 10 km/6 miles
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours
Habitat: Rain Forest

On our last day, we continue the descent to Mweka Gate and collect the summit certificates. At lower elevations, it can be wet and muddy. From the gate, we continue another hour to Mweka Village. A vehicle will meet us at Mweka Village to drive us back to the hotel in Moshi.

December 17th, 2021: Transport from Moshi to Kilimanjaro International Airport for departure.

what's included

in your fee...

 Everything mentioned in the "Here's What You Get" Section Plus:


All Kilimanjaro Hiking, Guide Fees , Porters Fees, Cooks Fees (including Tips)


All Meals (we accommodate dietary restrictions)

All Transportation in Tanzania


All Premium Hotel & Mountain Accommodations 

All 1:1 & Group Mastermind Coaching to get you ready mentally

Customized Body Training Program to get you ready physically

High Quality Photos during the trip 

1- Day Safari to Ngorongoro Crater with high chances of spotting Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, Elephants, and Rhinos.


Honestly, you can't even begin to measure the long-term value and impact you will receive from such an adventure.


Our goal is to OVER-DELIVER!

PRICING is $3,500  

Payment Plans Available


to ensure enough time for proper training and readiness  for this adventure

Each Hiker will be set up with a personal donation page with a target $500 to raise which will help us further fund the non-profit as well as rally people around the mission.

Raising money for such a cause is also very transformational for the hiker. This is not about each hiker hitting the target donation amount but rather it's about participating in the process to do good for others.


what's NOT included

in your fee...

Cost of your Actual Gear 

Air Travel Roundtrip cost to Kilimanjaro International Airport- JRO (with travel insurance in case)

Traveler Hiking Insurance for Kilimanjaro

Tanzania Visa fee 

Yellow Fever Vaccination (must bring evidence of vaccinations with you)

Covid Negative Test (vaccination not required by law at this moment)

APPLY to join

the adventure

If  you are interested in being part of this life-changing adventure, please Book a qualifying call and fill out the application included in the booking link.

If you are selected to join, all the necessary onboarding information will be provided to you with all the requirements to ensure you have an amazing experience and a successful summit of the tallest mountain on the African Continent, and one of the 7 tallest continental summits in the world (ranked 4th tallest).

Dates of this adventure are December 8th-17th, 2021.

You want to make sure you arrive to Kilimanjaro airport on Dec 8th and your departure flight is on Dec 17th.


First Come, First Served!

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